Logistics solutions for food distribution distribution

Consulting, engineering and design of intralogistics systems for your distribution chain.

How do we improve your intralogistics?

RIELEC provides specific solutions for logistics automation in the food and beverage industry to manage your business more efficiently while providing value-added services.

Tailor-made solution

Automated warehouses from scratch or customized supply chain integrations.

Space optimization

Ultra-density storage. Maximize your inventory and save space.

Complete overview

Transparency and real-time view of your supply chain.

We accompany you throughout the automation process

RIELEC provides 3D layout design to verify that the designed solution meets the requirements of your project.

How can we help you automate your intralogistics?

Customized solutions

We know that every company in the food industry is unique. That's why our solutions are highly customizable to meet your specific needs and comply with the regulations and standards of your market.

Depending on the needs of each customer, RIELEC can provide all your processes with the most appropriate technology to meet your operational needs and today's demanding hygienic and sanitary requirements, offering customized and flexible solutions, aware of the fact that today shopping is done 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Technology and health

Our belt and roller conveyors are designed to optimize every step of your distribution process and offer a complete overview of your supply chain. This translates into greater efficiency and reduced costs. With industry-leading RFID technology, you gain precise control over your merchandise.

We comply with the highest standards of hygiene and food safety. Our solutions are designed to minimize the risk of contamination and guarantee the integrity of your products.

Rielec sustainable solutions are designed to reduce environmental impact while improving efficiency and reducing waste.

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