Third-party logistics solutions

We want to be your partner in the automation of your future warehouse.

How do we improve your intralogistics?

With the increasing demand for B2C and B2B drop shipments, Third Party Logistics (3PL) services have become the most demanded solution. At RIELEC we are fascinated by efficiency and innovation in third party logistics. That's why we want to help you expand your business to the top, through our logistics consulting service and 3D simulation of the solution.

Tailor-made solution

Automated warehouses from scratch or customized supply chain integrations.

Space optimization

Ultra-density storage. Maximize your inventory and save space.

Automated Picking

Optimizes picking operations. Future-oriented warehouse automation.

We accompany you throughout the automation process

RIELEC provides 3D layout design to verify that the designed solution meets the requirements of your project.

How can we help you automate your intralogistics?

Phased modernization

The modernization of conveyors and the restructuring of routes significantly increases the performance of 3PL logistics centers.

We know that any update in your line has to be designed to avoid disruptions in production, implementations in the 3PL sector have the challenge of integrating logistics solutions in an agile and flexible way, so as not to disrupt operations, and in Rielec we are experts. We integrate the logistics solution that best suits your facility, meeting the established schedule.

Experience in 3PL logistics centers

We improve the performance of your line through the use of conveyor systems, streamlining the flow of shipments in your logistics center: receiving, sorting and shipping. From the moment you receive your order until it is shipped, we guarantee an improvement in both the speed and accuracy of the entire logistics process in your warehouse. You will reduce errors by detecting them instantly.

Introducing RFID technology

RFID technology is essential for your inventory to be perfectly controlled. It tracks items in real time, which facilitates decision making with accurate data and optimizes your resources.

Because we know that every business is unique, we offer customized solutions to perfectly match the need you are looking to cover, both in conveyors and RFID. At the same time, we ensure safe handling of goods to avoid damage and loss.

Third-party logistics is an industry that is constantly evolving. That is why we want to help you offer your customers a quality service and improve your profit margins.

You will improve operational efficiency and gain full control and visibility at all stages of the process.

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