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Automatic or semi-automatic systems designed for on-line sales.

How do we improve your e-commerce intralogistics?

At RIELEC we are aware of the immense change that the world of online sales has brought to all businesses that operate in this channel. For this reason our solutions are modular, flexible and scalable. So that your warehouse can quickly adapt to the new market demands.

Semi-automatic and automatic solutions

We adapt our solutions to the variety of orders and lines.

No errors

We guarantee strict control of inventory and order preparation processes.

Easy integration

Agile and flexible integration with WMS, ERPs, or other customer logistics systems.

We accompany you throughout the automation process

RIELEC provides 3D layout design to verify that the designed solution meets the requirements of your project.

How can we help you automate your intralogistics?

Logistics solutions

The logistics solutions we offer range from automatic batch sorting for order profiles with large quantities of units to a continuous sorting routine.

We design solutions tailored to your needs, whether it is the packaging phase, the picking phase or a solution that encompasses your entire logistics center. We have experts capable of designing your entire center, or looking for specific improvements that adapt to the solutions you already have in place, always looking for the greatest efficiency for your business.

Manage returns with automation

Just as we help you find a solution to manage your logistics center for outbounds, we also do it for inbounds. Returns have never been easier to manage, using the same systems we use for shipments, in reverse. Through belt or roller conveyors, your packages will return to your warehouse being correctly identified.

RFID technology applied to e-commerce

One of the advantages we offer to improve your intralogistics is the use of RFID technology. With the use of RFID you will minimize errors in delivery orders, as the built-in RFID scanner reads the tags on the garments as they are placed in the box and completes the purchase order displayed on the main screen. Receipt is confirmed and the next list of products in the shipment is displayed once the operator has completed the order. These solutions for the e-commerce field quickly facilitate RFID identification of both individual items and smaller volume boxes.

With the right automation, you will be able to prepare your e-commerce orders in the shortest possible time and with a much lower error rate compared to the rest.

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