Intralogistics solutions
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We design, integrate and install the solution adapted to your needs.

We are your intralogistics partner

We are your intralogistics partner

Rielec helps you to successfully meet your company's intralogistics challenges. Whether to respond to the omnichannel sales channel, to the pressure of ecommerce, to the reduction of logistics costs and increasingly faster delivery times, we have specialized intralogistics solutions and experience in the main market sectors.

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Tailor-made projects

The customized logistics consulting and flexibility of our intralogistics solutions is one of the advantages of our service.

R+D+I Department

Rielec's R&D&I Department is the core driver of technological advances and solutions. Through rigorous research processes, trends are identified, new technologies are explored and pioneering prototypes are developed.

This multidisciplinary team draws on expert logistics engineers and IT specialists to create efficient solutions that are adaptable to changing market needs. In addition, constant interaction with customers and research projects ensure an innovative vision and a competitive edge in the intralogistics automation sector.

Integral layout design

We develop systems using 3D CAD software, Autocad and Inventor. In the sales phase, we provide 3D drawings that allow our customers to easily visualize the proposed system. In addition, we establish the system specifications, including performance requirements, limitations and flow diagrams, among other crucial aspects.

We also take care of planning the integration of auxiliary machines into the supply line and detail the electromechanical specifications of the layout. This ensures a comprehensive and accurate design and development process to meet our customers' needs effectively and efficiently.

In-house manufacturing

At Rielec, excellence is our standard, and every product that leaves our facilities undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure optimal performance and durability.

This is where vision becomes reality, where innovative designs come to life. Our highly trained and committed team is responsible for manufacturing the automated systems that make up your logistics system. They develop the assembly of the main electromechanical structures of the machines and conveyors.

Control design

Rielec's extensive experience in control system design for the material handling industry ranges from conceptual studies to specialized communication programming, field testing and system commissioning.

Our control system engineering services include: control system design, robust and modular PLC programming, operator graphics, centralized control and diagnostics, networking and communication, specialized drive and brake controls, simulation, field engineering, and instrumentation.

Installation and start-up

We integrate our technology quickly and effectively into your supply chain, ensuring exceptional performance from the outset. We implement rigorous verification and validation tests, in which the customer plays a key role, to ensure that every component and process meets the highest standards.

Once the testing phase is complete, we start operations effectively and efficiently. We are committed to safety and technical support, providing regular upgrades to ensure that your system operates with maximum efficiency and reliability over time.

Life cycle care

Training is included to create an environment of trust between operators and maintenance personnel, empowering them to take responsibility for the production line effectively. In addition, we offer a spare parts identification and listing service, categorizing them from critical to low wear parts. We also provide the option of accompanying you on a tour of the line to identify the necessary spare parts as part of our support service.

Our system is designed to facilitate error detection and to simplify maintenance work.

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