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"Collaboration among the teams and efficient leadership have created a productive and positive work environment, allowing us to achieve production goals effectively. productive and positive work environment, allowing us to achieve production goals effectively."
Pau Micó
Production Coordinator
"As Chief Product Officer (CPO) at this company, I have had the privilege of working in an innovative culture with a constantly growing team of innovative culture with a team that is constantly growing and taking initiative.
Juan Vicente Ballester
"Rielec is a technology company, what I value most are the daily challenges and the personal and professional growth that the company allows."
Jordi Micó

Active job offers

At RIELEC we offer advanced global business automation solutions in the fashion retail, sportswear, eyewear and pharmaceutical industries, with the goal of increasing accuracy, productivity and efficiency in intralogistics systems.

We have developed our own software and customized equipment for the mass reading and encoding of RFID tags in real time, specializing in integrated solutions in roller conveyor systems for packaging distribution.

Would you like to join an international company that offers innovative solutions in real-time stock control, anti-counterfeiting, gray market prevention, item level and industrial traceability? RIELEC, Spanish leader in RFID technologies, reinforces its project engineering team. We are looking for an occupational risk prevention technician, your main function is to ensure the safety and health of workers within an industrial work environment in addition to performing CAE management.



  • Risk identification and assessment: You must conduct workplace inspections and analysis to identify potential hazards and assess associated risks. This involves examining equipment, work practices and processes to ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards.
  • Development and implementation of preventive measures: Based on risk assessments, you must propose and design appropriate preventive measures to mitigate hazards and reduce the likelihood of accidents or occupational diseases.
  • Development of emergency plans: You must design emergency and evacuation plans in case of accidents or risk situations, ensuring that workers are trained to act appropriately in such situations.
  • Education and training: It is important to provide education and training to workers and company personnel on safety issues, safe practices, proper use of equipment and preventive measures.
  • Investigation of occupational accidents: In the event of an accident, you must carry out investigations to determine its causes and propose corrective actions to prevent it from happening again.
  • Oversight of regulatory compliance: It is your responsibility to ensure that the company complies with all applicable occupational health and safety regulations and standards.
  • Participation in safety committees: You can be part of occupational health and safety committees where improvements in the company's safety policies and procedures are discussed and proposed.
  • CAE access management. Manage the various customer platforms to process the access of our employees to the customer's home.
  • Documentary control at the level of PRL of workers to keep updated for access management.



Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Medium/high knowledge of office package and CAE management software.
Good communication skills.
Have experience in documentation associated with PRL.
Important, to have a recursive attitude, able to implement new processes that improve the experience of our customers.

At RIELEC, we design and build warehouse automation solutions, parcel sorting systems, belt and roller conveyors, and integration of auxiliary machinery, carrying out turnkey projects for any sector.

We work tirelessly in collaboration with each customer to design, supply and maintain intralogistics solutions specific to each project, with the purpose of achieving the highest quality and efficiency in the final result.




  • Design of conveyor systems (belt, roller or mixed) including mechanical, electrical, programming and software.
  • Elaboration of measurements and budgets (BOM) of the designs.
  • Use of AUTOCAD engineering design tools to make layouts of the designed conveyor systems.
  • Design and planning of electrical engineering needs and requirements required for the project. Creation of a complete set of schematic circuit diagrams and all associated reports using ePLAN.
  • Participate in the definition and design of the corresponding control and signal exchange interface with third parties.
  • Preparation of design documents that include; bill of materials, functional, operation and maintenance manuals, etc...
  • Use of standard components and products whenever possible and when not possible provide a cost effective alternative solution, which maintains the objective of minimizing costs and installation time.
  • Support to the manufacturing and assembly team in technical issues related to the design and electrical installation of the system.




Experience in the use of CAD tools for the generation of conveyor drawings and projects.

Good communication skills, able to communicate effectively with all levels of people encountered throughout the project life cycle.

Attention to detail / focus on quality of work.

Experience in conveyor systems/intralogistics sector.


What we offer


Competitive salary to be agreed
Project in continuous international growth.
Possibility of internal promotion

At RIELEC, we design and build warehouse automation solutions, parcel sorting systems, belt and roller conveyors, and integration of auxiliary machinery, carrying out turnkey projects for any sector.


We work tirelessly in collaboration with each customer to design, supply and maintain intralogistics solutions specific to each project, with the purpose of achieving the highest quality and efficiency in the final result.
Currently to complete and professionalize the production area we want to join our team a production manager with great organizational skills and accustomed to working with quality standards and efficiency.




1.- In coordination with operations management, plan sufficiently in advance, the needs of personnel and materials to meet the deadlines agreed with the customer.


To design and carry out short, medium and long term production plans according to the demand projection, determining the priorities and strategies of the organization's products.


3.- Prepare reports on productivity, quality, expense control and budget indexes, among others required by management.


4.- Define, plan and communicate the financial and production objectives of the plant; in line with the company's sales objectives.


To propose and encourage ideas and initiatives that optimize production and ensure the sustainability goals to which the company is committed.


6.- Maintain effective communication with other departments and departments of the company AND suppliers to ensure compliance with the planning and achievement of general objectives.


Improve and innovate processes in order to guarantee products with high quality standards. Process Optimization: Beyond how processes work, the focus should be to anticipate how they can be improved to face the competition.


Promoting sustainability, assessing how processes can be more sustainable and efficient.


8.- All those functions related to the prevention of occupational hazards that are assigned in the Prevention Plan. Coordinate with PRL to monitor and promote compliance with safety standards, hygiene and preventive activities, in accordance with the defined systems.


9.- Elaboration of quality procedures: Elaboration of control procedures to ensure that products conform to quality and safety standards. This involves establishing procedures and protocols to evaluate and maintain product quality at each stage of the production process.


10. Guide, direct, and control plant personnel in charge according to the company's rules and procedures.

Administrative project management is essential to ensure that a project is planned, executed and closed effectively and efficiently. The administrative functions ensure continuous contact with the client, ensuring proper invoicing at each project milestone and assists in various project related tasks.




- Cost control and management in projects
- Internal contact between departments for the organization of the work
- Making offers to customers and economic valuations
- Making lists to customers to recommend spare parts stock.
- Helping to find appropriate strategies to achieve the project objectives.
- Manage customer communications related to the project.
- Help solve problems related to the project.
- Contact with customers for follow-up after project implementation and introduction of new products or services. customer loyalty and satisfaction: involves knowing the customer, their shopping experience, their preferences, etc., in order to offer them services
- Management of subcontracts for works
- Support in sales department for preparation of proposals and meetings with clients.
- Collaboration in travel and shipping logistics.
- Claiming invoices and unpaid invoices from clients.
- Compilation and supervision of project documents such as checklist, etc.

As a Marketing Technician, Content Writer and Public Relations, you will be responsible for developing and executing effective communication strategies. Your main objective will be to place key messages in the media, as well as contribute to the design and organization of events.



Content Writing:

  • Create and edit persuasive and relevant content for various channels, including blogs, social media, emails, digital media, video scripts, voiceovers, and the like.
  • Ensure that the tone and style of the messages are consistent with the brand, strategy and business objectives set by the company.
  • Actively participate in the different day-to-day dynamics of the company and be proactive in meetings with employees, customers, suppliers, partners, etc... to capture relevant content.
  • Optimize content for SEO and engagement.

Media relations:

  • Prepare and distribute press releases, newsletters and other content for the media, business associations, partners, etc...
  • Establish and maintain relationships with journalists, bloggers and other key media players.
  • Identify opportunities to position key messages in relevant media.
  • Work with the marketing team to define messages and ensure consistency across all communications.
  • Monitor media coverage and adjust strategies as needed.

Design and Organization of Events:

  • Lead/collaborate in* the execution of events, such as conferences, trade shows and product launches.
  • Coordinate logistics, promotion and participation in events.
  • Ensure that events reflect the company's image and meet the established objectives.



Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication or related field.

Previous experience in content writing, public relations or marketing.

Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

Very high level of English.

Creativity, attention to detail and ability to work as part of a team.

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