Logistics solutions for your courier

Improve your supply chain thanks to our modular and scalable solutions.

How do we improve your intralogistics?

At RIELEC we are committed to revolutionizing the courier industry. We offer accurate and advanced, high-performance and reliable solutions for handling and sorting parcels of all shapes and sizes. Through the combination of our technology in conveyor machines and RFID systems, we improve delivery times and traceability.

Modular sorters

Modular high performance solutions with volumetrics and weighing.


Modular and scalable sorters. Possibility to grow in the number of inputs and outputs.

Fast implementation and integration

Turnkey projects that shorten production and implementation times.

We accompany you throughout the automation process

RIELEC provides 3D layout design to verify that the designed solution meets the requirements of your project.

How can we help you automate your intralogistics?

Increases productivity and reduces errors

The courier, express and parcel services industry has experienced strong growth in recent years, driven by global changes such as the growth of e-commerce and increased consumer demands for immediacy in receiving orders.

Thanks to customized logistics consulting and our RFID technology, you will speed up the entire process of your shipments, from receiving, through sorting, to shipping. You'll get faster deliveries and higher productivity, while reducing errors and damage in the transportation process.

Customized solutions

We adapt to you, offering customized solutions to meet your needs and optimize your processes. At the same time we help you reduce waste, we help the environment to contribute to a cleaner world.

Horizontal or vertical crossbelt sorters are used for high-speed sorting of multiple items such as letters, parcels, boxes and containers to be seamlessly integrated with conveyor modules. These sortation systems are integrated into a modular roller conveyor system that can be expanded as the company grows. Designed for flexibility, modularity, attractive industrial design and easy handling during assembly and expansions.

Improve your intralogistics operations to meet market demands.

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