logistics solutions for fashion
and accessories

Specialized systems in the fashion and accessories sector such as RFID hanging garment stations.

How do we improve your intralogistics?

Our state-of-the-art conveyor systems are designed with the unique needs of the fashion industry in mind.

We know that traceability and stock control are critical in this industry, so our systems have been refined to provide a global view and optimize your supply chain operations.

Orders on pallet

Automated solutions and operator assistance systems for palletized orders.

Product replenishment

Technologies for rapid stock management. Product replenishment assistance systems.


Versatility of solutions and line flows thanks to the partnership with Interroll.

We accompany you throughout the automation process

RIELEC provides 3D layout design to verify that the designed solution meets the requirements of your project.

How can we help you automate
your intralogistics?

We customize your center and optimize your processes

From RIELEC we develop specific and customized conveyor systems for the fashion and accessories sector, as its imminent expansion of the online channel only continues to grow. To face the future of ecommerce and achieve a logistics center more efficient and prepared for the challenge of online sales, we have to adapt to the demand and speed that this sector requires.

Our state-of-the-art conveyors are designed with the unique needs of the fashion industry in mind. We know that appearance and presentation are paramount in this sector, and so our systems have been perfected to provide smooth and gentle transport, ensuring that every garment, accessory or shoe arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

We configure your reverse logistics

The growth of the sector and its new sales channel has not only led to a greater number of shipments, but also to a greater number of returns, thus almost doubling the number of incoming and outgoing orders. Reverse logistics has gained considerable prominence over the last decade, and time is a crucial value that works against it. The faster it is managed, the better service and reliability we will be offering to our customer.

We have a wide experience in transport systems for: hanging garments, folded garments in boxes, multiple garments in boxes... All of them with the possibility of integrating conveyor systems.

Introducing RFID technology

At RIELEC we look to the future, that is why we are specialists in RFID technology. With the right implementation of RFID devices that fit your facility, your inventory management will be automated and improved.

The increasing number of returns, labor costs, the pressure to have quick inventory on hand due to the transition to omnichannel, are all factors that lead to the need for easy and efficient automation solutions.

RIELEC offers specific solutions that fit the specific needs of this industry, such as return handling stations or RFID ready conveyors.

We help fashion retailers improve the speed and accuracy of their operations, reducing operating costs.

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