RFID Picking Reader


We define, apply, and provide solutions through RFID technologyto meet the needs of our clients by identifying products, packages, groups or pallets to ensure complete traceability. RFID enables data capture and movement control without human intervention, sharing said data both within the company itself as well as with third parties.


We design and develop the best Intralogistics’ automatization solutions, allowing client to deliver their products at the right place and at the right moment. Our solutions will ensure that our clients have a production process prepared for the future with maximum efficiency at the lowest cost, can efficiently manage orders and meet with precision the delivery demands of their clients.


We integrate and develop integral3D volumetric systems which enables us to know the precise volume or dimensions of the objects, calculated from their overall dimension.

Optimizing volumes for efficient management and saving space.


We design and develop industrial and collaborative robots applicable to various sectors such as that of logistics, food, textile and industry in general.


Rielec Logistics System & RFID Solutions offers industrial services that provide great value to our customers.

  • Engineering and industrial consulting.
  • Industrial maintenance and after-sales service.