Control and management

We are RFID manufacturers in Spain. The RFID tags are small devices, resembling labels which may be attached to or inserted into a product, animal or person. Our RFID Spain devices contain antennas to allow them to receive and respond to radio frequency requests from a RFID transmitter-receiver.

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Industrial Maintenance

Services for High Tech Industries

Industrial maintenance for companies, one of the many service offered by Rielec, is aimed at maximizing the working life of all the equipment and installations, ensuring perfect conditions for their use.
Industrial machinery and installation maintenance focuses on set up and monitoring thereby ensuring not only that it operates correctly but that it opens the door to possible improvements.

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Industrial Automation

Logistics, food, textile and footwear…

The electrical boxes made by Rielec Industrial Automation Ltd are custom made to the client´s needs. We study how to distribute the material for optimum ease and accessibility when connecting to the mounting plate.

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