RF Warehouse: our RFID software

In Rielec we bet to accompany our hardware of a great software, that gives flexibility and easy handling for the end user.

Our consulting includes the most advanced standards of software development, providing great dynamism to all our hardware products for point of reading, so that it covers a wide range of needs for each of our customers.

RF Warehouse is easily integrated with the best known systems on the market, but also with other “ad-hoc” solutions or even in IoT ecosystems.

Featured features

  • Helps to automate processes that were previously done manually.
  • Integrates with all types of computer systems, whether they are ERP or SGA.
  • It facilitates the use of the end user and adapts to all types of RFID products: fixed and mobile readers, recorders, etc..
  • All-in-one: From printing to final traceability, do not lose details.
  • In real time. It is possible to obtain instant data to help the decision making by the company: stock control, validations, return on investment, etc.

What are RFID systems?

Learn the basics of this technology that many companies have adopted market

RFID products

Discover the wide variety of devices that exist: readers, antennas, chips, etc.

RFWarehouse software

Our most complete solution Obtain traceability process data, with ease of integration.


Regardless of your sector, RFID systems are a solution that adapts to your needs.