Rielec is a forerunner in the design and manufacture of storage and RFID remote data recovery systems. (RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification).

What are RFID systems?

The main purpose of RFID technology is transmitting an object´s identity (like a unique serial number) using radio waves; this is carried out using RFID tags.

The RFID tags are small devices resembling labels which may be attached to or inserted into a product, animal or person. They contain antennas to allow them to receive and respond to radio frequency requests from a RFID transmitter-receiver. The passive tags do not require an internal power supply. One of the advantages of using radio frequency (as opposed to bar codes, for example) is that direct vision between the transmitter and receiver is not required.

Applications of RFID Systems

RFID system applications can be used for the following:

  • Intelligent identification of products, merchandise or people.
  • Recording data and events during transport or processing.
  • Sharing recorded data with enterprise management, ERP, WMS, MES etc.
  • Sharing mutually relevant data with third parties and other members in the enterprise via EDI, SVC, SOAP, etc.

Rielec & logistic

Currently, logistics is the most important RFID Spain application and it is here where Rielec is most active. This technology allows any product to be located within the supply chain. In terms of traceability, the tags have a much more extensive use since they can be recorded, so that the period of time the product has been stored can be determined and their location etc. This allows important optimizations in product handling in supply chains with the same base product and practically becoming independent of the information system.

What are RFID systems?

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RFID products

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Regardless of your sector, RFID systems are a solution that adapts to your needs.