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Our solutions allow data capture and movement control via RFID, minimizing the need for human intervention and enabling data exchange within company departments and third parties.

Logistics and goods distribution is an extremely wide concept, meeting virtually every needin identifying products. RFID enables data capture and movement control without human intervention , sharing themboth within the company itself as well as with third parties.
RFID logistics and distribution has undoubtedly experienced a streamlining of the supply chain processes from beginning to end with the implementation of RFID technology.

Advantages of RFID

  • Identification of goods at source.
  • Immediate transactions on receipt of goods.
  • Change in location irrespective of who or when said changes occur.
  • Complete transparency of the supply chain.
  • Guarantees accurate order picking and reduction in preparation time.
  • Guarantees expedition or shipment operations.
  • Manages returnable assets (reverse logistics)
  • Avoids obsolescence with proper alert management in inventory
  • Integrates movements and data in real time with the IT system, ERP, MES, WMS etc.

What are RFID systems?

Learn the basics of this technology that many companies have adopted market

RFID products

Discover the wide variety of devices that exist: readers, antennas, chips, etc.

RFWarehouse software

Our most complete solution Obtain traceability process data, with ease of integration.


Regardless of your sector, RFID systems are a solution that adapts to your needs.