RFID solutions

RFID readers are responsible for feeding labels and tags through the antennas, at the same time they capture their data, decode it and transmit it to the corresponding software for its interpretation.

Some types are:

  • Fixed readers
  • Portable readers
  • Desktop readers
  • RFID tunnels

RFID tags

The labels contain inside a chip with the data that you want to store. The chips are glued to an antenna where the RF signal of the reader and a radio transducer are received. There are several types of labels:

  • Passive Tags
  • Active Tags
  • Semi-passive labels

RFID printers

RFID printers can read, write and print RFID tags. RFID tags are read, written and verified inside the printer before printing using the RFID reader installed inside. When there is a defect in the label, the printers will mark the label advancing to the next label, ensuring extreme reliability in critical applications.

What are RFID systems?

Learn the basics of this technology that many companies have adopted market

RFID products

Discover the wide variety of devices that exist: readers, antennas, chips, etc.

RFWarehouse software

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Regardless of your sector, RFID systems are a solution that adapts to your needs.