RFID in textile and fashion.

RFID solutions focused on the textile sector, help us solve different situations.

  • Improve inventory time.
  • Avoid running out of stock.
  • Prevent losses.

RFID in logistics systems.

Thanks to integrate RFID in logistics systems, the following processes are implemented more efficiently.

  • Identify merchandise receptions.
  • Ensure shipments and shipments.
  • Real-time management. 

RFID in automotive.

RFID systems can be applied in the automotive industry in the following cases.

  • Identify components.
  • Production control.
  • Achieve flexibility in the supply chain.

RFID in healthcare and pharmaceutical environment.

An RFID system in a healthcare environment offers the following characteristics.

  • Pharmacy management.
  • Control of the material used.
  • Traceability of samples.
  • Identification of medicines.
  • Medicines expiration control.

RFID in food.

It is possible to implement an RFID system to handle the following features.

  • Date of packaging and expiration.
  • Control of food curing.
  • Record temperature, humidity…

What are RFID systems?

Learn the basics of this technology that many companies have adopted market

RFID products

Discover the wide variety of devices that exist: readers, antennas, chips, etc.

RFWarehouse software

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Regardless of your sector, RFID systems are a solution that adapts to your needs.