Storage & Distribution

Warehouse logistics

High performance and quality with reduced operating costs are the key factors to achieving success in the internal warehouse sector. Intelligent dynamic storage systems for pallets (also known as “Dynamic Storage” systems) offer numerous advantages in internal warehouse logistics with high level turnover. Rielec is one of the leading specialists internationally of dynamic storage. Pallet Flow and Carton Flow solutions by Rielec are used in warehouses and distribution centres throughout the world.

Dynamic Storage: Saving Space and Energy

Rielec Dynamic Storage systems will help you to save up to 50% space and energy. Thanks to the dynamic storage systems, it is possible to handle a wide range of products with more speed and at lower staffing costs. In addition, energy costs of the electrical motors that move the pallets in racking lanes with storage shuttle systems are avoided by using gravity. These are just a few of the factors which significantly reduce current operating costs. Clients using Rielec Dynamic Storage told us that they found the following.

  • Up to 50% less space required in their warehouses
  • An increase of 55% in efficiency experienced at distribution centres
  • Up to 50% decrease in energy consumption in internal logistics

«We can process orders much more efficiently, with significantly reduced transit channels thanks to our dynamic storage solution.»

(Matthias Schmitt, Head of the Procter and Gamble distribution centre in Crailsheim, Germany)