Food Processing

Food Processing

Professionals in the field of food processing who are looking for an excellent solution for their material handling needs can rely on Rielec. Our unique products are completely compatible with the most significant hygiene requirements and regulations. When it comes to the needs of the food industry, Rielec has the correct response to everything from transport to the sorting and storing of goods. Furthermore, Rielec products can help the business grow due to a reduction in costs whilst at the same time increasing productivity thanks to their reliability and accuracy.

Made to measure solutions for the food industry

The food processing industry needs to simultaneously balance a high level of efficiency and reduced costs with complying with the requirements and demanding regulations in terms of hygiene. At the same time, the companies in the food industry should minimize their operating costs, for example, reducing energy consumption.

Rielec food industry solutions help to consolidate company competitiveness in the international market. Rielec has a proven track record of supporting big names in the food industry, putting at their disposal products and efficient solutions such as for example hygienic drum motors or Dynamic Storage systems for high levels of space and energy savings as well as safe and efficient conveyors using 24-volt technology.

Rielec drum motors

Rielec drum motors have been designed specifically for belt conveyors and associated material handling equipment. This means that we eliminate the worry and hard work as far as the drive systems are concerned and we let you do what you do best- design the best conveyor for the application. We have years of experience in the food processing industry and other extremely demanding industrial applications and we are proud to share them with you. Without doubt: The Rielec drive results in a simple and fast way to build belt conveyors, efficient from the point of view of energy and hygiene, requiring no maintenance. What more can you ask for?

The motor, gear box and bearings are completely encased and sealed within a steel tube, meaning that the probability of faults due to harmful environmental conditions such as dust, fluids etc. are low. Given that all of these parts are found within the steel tube the drum motors take up much less space in comparison to conventional drives.

Factsheet: Food Processing Industry

Rielec clients recognise that the Rielec drum motor is an intelligent solution, guaranteeing safety and hygiene in food manufacturing operations.

Rielec conveyors and sorters

Rielec cross-belt sorter

As an independent supplier, Rielec offers a wide range of products which are adapted to the perfection, value creation and requirements of system integrators. This range includes easy to install sorters that can be easily and rapidly integrated into larger systems.

Rielec conveyors

Intelligent, cost effective and flexible. The new generation of Rielec conveyors are the most versatile and long lasting systems currently available and guarantee the highest level of availability and scalability for future growth. The new conveyor platform offers profitability and energy efficiency and is actually a plug-and –play solution, with standardized elements to simplify on site installation and reduce planning efforts.

It is possible to carry out systems amplifications or reconfigurations without needing to introduce significant structural changes. The additional modules fit perfectly onto the conveyor and the on-site engineering work is minimal. The use of standard parts and a highly efficient drive technology like our 24V CC roller drives plus the absence of a pneumatic system are just some of the reasons why our systems offer the best investment return times amongst those systems in its category.

Rielec dynamic storage

Food, drink and domestic items need to be distributed twice as fast as others. How can the space be organized in such a way that the flow of materials is like clockwork? Reputable companies from all over the world have found the answer in dynamic storage technology.

 «The new system allows us to make considerably better use of the goods distribution centre and react faster to market needs.», explains Matthias Schmitt, Head of the Procter & Gamble distribution centre, located in the south of Germany. In order to save space and energy P&G have replaced the entry shelving system for 19,500 pallet positions using gravity rails.

The pallets glide safely along a 4% slope between the loading and unloading side following a first in first out pattern (FIFO).

Pallet flow system

Rielec offers a wide range of applications aimed at improving the general performance of warehouse and distribution centres. Rielec always has the appropriate solution to meet your needs from FIFO (first in, first out) to LIFO (last in, first out), from intermediate storage rails to pick up and delivery.