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Rielec Cross-Belt Sorters

The superiority of classification accuracy, the high level of output (from 2,000 to 16,000 articles an hour) and the low operating costs are just a few of the many features of this extraordinary device. In addition, ease of use and high availability gives our clients peace of mind: They know that Rielec is reliable.

Sorters in the E-Commerce sector: delivery times

E-commerce and on-line sales have experienced a sharp increase over the last few years, with a constant growth rate at 2 percent in economies around the world. If you are the first to deliver, then the business is yours. In this complex and demanding market environment, logistics has become a key competitive factor. Taking into account that sorting together with collecting orders is the area in logistics which has the highest costs, then it is cost effective to invest in the best sorting solutions available.

Rielec cross-belt sorters

Rielec is one of the leading specialists internationally in sorting systems based on cross-belt sorter technology. These sorters are used in a wide range of industries that range from courier and parcel express services (CEP) to third party logistics (3PL) and the boom in the E-commerce markets.

Rielec is in a privileged position as a vendor-neutral of sorters with an unequalled product range including highly flexible horizontal cross-belt sorters and space saving vertical cross- belt sorters. These sorters guarantee maximum output in daily production thanks to their simple mechanical drive mechanism. Cross-belt sorters, whether in a horizontal configuration (for example a circular structure) or vertical configuration (for example lineal structure), can be used as sorting systems depending on the transported unit loads, performance targets and space confines.

Horizontal cross-belt sorters

Rielec horizontal cross-belt sorters are characterized by flexible routing which makes good use of space, with curves that also exceed gradients. Feeds and destinations can be arranged in various ways and optimized to increase system performance.

vertical cross-belt sorters

The main feature of a vertical cross-belt sorter with straight linear routing (“over-under”) is a distinctive compact modular design which helps to save space. For example, a width of only 1.7m (5ft 5inch) is sufficient for the installation of a vertical cross-belt sorter of 400x400mm (15 x 15 inch.) This configuration allows valuable space to be saved thanks to completed trays being transported within the interior of the cross-belt sorter. And this system is the only one on the market.

E-Commerce: handling returns

Handling returns, known as reverse trade or recommerce, is closely linked to the boom of e-commerce and on-line sales markets. Depending on the product type, the percentage of returned articles can reach up to 50% or more, as is the case with online sales of textile items. Companies need to address this tendency as well as carrying out their normal operations in preparing orders. As a result, it is essential to find an effective means of handling this flow of additional products, whether it be through optimizing internal processes or outsourcing to 3PL suppliers.

Discover the privileged position of Rielec as a cross-belt sorter vendor-neutral and with an unequalled range of products which includes highly flexibly horizontal cross-belt sorters and space saving vertical cross-belt sorters.

We can help by offering:

  • A highly versatile sorter system which guarantees safe handling of your multiple products.
  • A modular and scalable design that allows the system to be extended in a simple way.
  • A cost effective sorter that guarantees reduced and high levels of production.
Logistic chain: increase in productivity

The founder and CEO of, Jeff Bezos, said some time ago:

«If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.»

The key factors for successful high speed sorters are:

  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Precision

Currently, the remote retail sector depends to a large extent on a solid logistical solution. Companies in E-commerce and On-line sales rely on the Rielec cross-belt sorters in their day to day operations. Postal and courier services use cross-belt sorters and conveyor modules to increase productivity in their logistic chain.

Rielec centre of excellence: e-commerce

The Rielec Centre of Excellence in Valencia (Spain) is based on the subsystems and modules installed at key points of the internal logistics in the E-commerce sector. These include cross-belt sorters, belt curves, roller conveyors and belt band conveyors. In this product sector, the company is in charge of all the technical aspects, which range from the development and engineering of the applications to the production and support of the companies and clients of Rielec. The centre is where the design and manufacture of the full range of products takes place. This vertical integration allows us to control the quality of our products from start to finish and offer our clients personalized technical support.

Rielec Portec Belt Curve

With over 60 years of experience the Portec belt curves are well established: The clients appreciate above all the reliability and solidity of this solution which ensures that parcels and deliveries are handed over on time in more than 80,000 installations globally.

Thanks to the fact that the positive drive positive action of the Rielec Portec belt curve requires a low belt tension, excellent reliability is gained and overall operating costs are reduced. Furthermore, the fact that it requires significantly less maintenance than any other belt curves appeals to facility designers or owners. In principle, the belts are parts that are subjected to continuous wear and tear and should be replaced after a certain time. The Rielec Portec belt curve can be replaced in just 30 minutes due to the fact that it is an open belt combined with the drive action.