Logistics Systems

Storage & Distribution

Rielec offers a wide range of solutions for storage and distribution centres globally. According to proven client based data, warehouses requiring up to 50% less space have been built. Distribution centres have improved their performance by 55% and energy consumption used in internal logistics has been reduced by 50%.

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Express Courier Mail Services

The Rielec Cross-Belt sorter is an extraordinary product for those searching for a high quality solution to classify documents, packages, parcels and all shapes and sizes of goods or for processing returns.

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Food Processing

Our unique products made for the food industry are completely compatible with all of the most significant hygiene requirements and regulations. When it comes to the needs of the food industry, Rielec has the correct response to everything from transport to the sorting and storing of goods.

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Rielec offers centralized technologies specifically designed for conveyor application systems in supermarkets: from drum motors to conveyor rollers to preassembled and ready to assemble transport cassettes providing accessories such as mounting brackets and non-actuated rollers.

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Rielec products are used in all aspects of air transport logistics. Rielec belt drives, rollers and conveyor belts are used to handle your luggage from the moment that your suitcase is checked in to the point you collect it at airports throughout the six continents.

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Industrial production

Rielec helps industries worldwide to achieve optimum performance and reduce operational costs whilst at the same time saving space and energy with its wide range of products.

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