Our solutions

We develop specially designed intralogistics solutions, uniquely conceived and meticulously implemented to meet the specific needs of each client, based on exhaustive analysis and in collaboration with the client’s data, processes, operations, current installation and future business objectives.

We always regard our clients as our partners and as such, here at Rielec Intralogistics, we consider your success as our success and your problems as our problems. It is this interest in our client’s business ventures that drives us to ensure that we are constant in our endeavours from the project inception and thorough out the service life of any system we construct.


The new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, offers a great opportunityforcompanies to take advantage of the possibilities on offer to improve efficiency, transparency and productivity in the supply chain.

Businesses can use their supply chains to reach state of the art technological positions in an increasingly competitive market through intelligent linkage of elements in the logistic system, registering large amounts of data, learning from conditional results and adapting the system behaviour.

Future changes

As Industry 4.0 evolves then so too will our understanding of what Intralogistics 4.0 is: system optimization and operations within the physical infrastructure ofexisting nodes new to the supply chain.