Rielec Logistics System & RFID Solutions offers industrial services that provide great value to our customers.

Industrial consultation and engineering

We integrate a multidisciplinary team specialized in industrial facilities. Our knowledge of industrial processes and legal regulations affecting our clients enables us to carry out projects for a wide range of activities thorough out many industrial sectors.

Industrial maintenance and after-sales service

If you always want your facilities to provide the best possible performance , then your solution must be permanently available.

With Rielec Logistics System & RFID Solutions you are always in good hands, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The global team of technicians and service engineers will work hard to keep your solution in operation, minimizing the risk of possible faults.

Whenever you need help, our technicians and service engineers will be with you. Whether it requires remote assistance through our customer service line as if you need preventive maintenance or replacement parts, we know what to do and how to keep the operating system.

Types of industrial maintenance


In order for you to properly maintain your installation, Rielec Logistics System & RFID Solutions offers the opportunity to train your employees so that you can minimize costs and reduce risks. It can provide a variety of training formats and content, personalized according to your needs.

We provide both basic and advanced training depending on the level of expertise of your engineers.

Industrial automation

The electrical panels made by Rielec Industrial Automation Ltd are custom made to the client´s needs. We study how to distribute the material for optimum ease and accessibility when connecting to the mounting plate, making us one of the best industrial automation companies and converting us into a benchmark in our sector. Our quality management system enables us to ensure that the products developed by Rielec Industrial Automation Ltd meet the requirements demanded by our clients and by current legislation. Our company, situated in Valencia, has the appropriate tools for the mechanization of the panels and cabinets and for the connecting and pressing of all types of terminals

Sectors with industrial automation