The main purpose of industrial maintenance, one of the services offered by our company, is to maximize the working life of equipment and installations, keeping them in perfect working order. Industrial machinery and installation maintenance focuses on set up and monitoring thereby ensuring not only that it operates correctly but that it opens the door to possible improvements.

Regular maintenance of equipment under warranty is carried out in line with manufacturer´s conditions, subcontracting maintenance with the manufacturers for operational exclusivity or in special cases of warranty loss. Similarly, corrective maintenance level 1 is carried out on all equipment and installations, irrespective of the conditions and warranty period. Management warranties are included in our portfolio of activities together with each of the newly acquired equipment as well as technical advisory reports and manufacturer warranty-based specifications.

At our company we offer the following services for the various types of industrial maintenance available to companies.



The aim of this type of service is to repair defective devices, based on four fundamental ideas:

  • Control of malfunctions that occur both within and outside the warranty timeframe.
  • Analysis of the cause, corrective solution and methods of implementation.
  • Inspection of work completed and initial support.
  • Consequential actions needed for preventive maintenance.


Prevention avoids possible future problems. This being the case industrial maintenance companies offer professional preventative assistance aimed at controlling functional parameters and reducing installation malfunction based on the following five fundamental premises:

  • Anticipating malfunctions.
  • Monitoring installation maintenance.
  • Complying with the maintenance programme.
  • Continuously monitoring the following parameters: functionality, operability, reliability and safety of the various instalments and systems.
  • Monitoring the performance of the person in charge of the equipment.


This type of industrial machinery maintenance for companies involves studying the temporal evolution of specific parameters and associating them with fault evolution, so determining at what point this fault will occur, planning all the interventions necessary in advance so no serious consequences arise as a result of said fault. One of the most important features of this type of industrial maintenance is that it should not alter the normal operation of the equipment whilst it is being applied. The parameter inspection may be conducted periodically or continuously, depending on various factors such as:

  • The type of equipment.
  • The type of faults to be diagnosed.
  • The technology being applied:
    • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
    • Computer simulation techniques (CST)
    • Parameters analysis techniques (PAT)
  • The investment to be realized.

The result of regularly obtaining specified parameter measurements together with direct observations of the equipment gives an advanced view of the performance in terms of its ageing and the working conditions the equipment is subjected to.


The legal/technical maintenance is carried out in accordance to mandatory regulations, guide lines and standards or industrial recommendations, required in general as well as provincially, nationally or autonomously.