Industrial automation


The logistics and distribution of goods is one of sectors that can cause the most concern and so our industrial automation company has placed a particular emphasis in this field, creating a system which will cover nearly all of the needs when identifying products, packages, groupings or pallets. The RFID enables data to be logged and monitored without human intervention, distributing this data both within the said company as well as to third parties.

Processes where RFID can add value include:

  • Identification of goods at origin
  • Immediate transactions on receipt of goods
  • Changing locations irrespective of who or when
  • Obtaining complete transparency within the supply chain
  • Ensuring accurate order picking and reducing preparation time
  • Guaranteeing operations in shipping and delivery
  • Avoiding obsolescence with proper inventory alert management
  • Integrating movements and data in real time.

In addition, we have an agreement with the University of Alicante in which we are developing a device capable of obtaining the volume of the corresponding unit to efficiently manage the filling of boxes.


Within the food industry, the level of automated processes continues to increase and this tendency has led to new demands. From their base in Valencia, Rielec Industrial Automation, thanks to their experience, expertise and collaboration with suppliers, offer an extensive range of solutions, both nationally as well as internationally for the automation of processes in the food industry; for everything from for example, system temperature control to packing system quality control.


At Rielec Automation we have extensive knowledge in the field of specialized industrial automation in the textile sector and we offer our services in the creation of new projects. In addition, we offer our clients a maintenance service not only for our solutions but also for existing solutions. We provide industrial automation solutions for textile companies for boiler temperature control, tank measurement levels and pressure measuring.


The footwear industry is traditionally one of the most artisan industries. Increasingly footwear companies are opting for the automation of manufacturing processes. It is for this reason that our company is providing services for the industrial automation of footwear, in line with the client´s specifications which range from drying the glue on the footwear to cutting leather and polishing soles.