Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This web uses its own and third party cookies in order to collect information regarding the hits and use of our website. By browsing or using our services the User accepts the use that we make of cookies. However, the user has the option to stop the generation of cookies and to eliminate them by selecting the appropriate option on their browser. If the use of cookies is blocked on the browser, it is possible that some of the services or functions of the web page may not be available.


A cookie is a small fragment of text that the web sites send to the browser and which they store on the user´s terminal, which could be a PC a mobile, a Tablet etc. These files allow the web site to remember the information on their visit, such as the language and preferred options, making the next visit easier and making the site more useful by personalizing the content. Cookies play a very important role by improving the experience of web use.

Cookies do not contain any type of specific personal information and the majority of these “session cookies” are deleted from the hard drive once the browsing session is complete. The majority of browsers accept as standard the cookies and independently from these allow or prevent temporary or stored cookies in the safety settings.


This website uses both temporary session cookies as well as stored cookies. The session cookies store data only whilst the user is on the web and the permanent cookies store data on the terminal so that it may be accessed and used on more than one session.

With regards to the purpose of the data obtained by the cookies the web can use:

– Technical cookies: These allow the user to navigate a web page, platform or application and use various options or services that exist such as, for example, traffic control and data communication, session identification, access to restricted areas, remembering ítems on an order, processing a purchase order, completing a registration form for an event, using security features during browsing, storing content for video or sound sharing or sharing information via social media networks.

– Personalized cookies: These allow the user to access services with some of the predetermined general characteristics depending on a range of criteria found on the user´s terminal as for example, the language and the browser used to access the service as well as the regional configuration from where the service is accessed etc.

– Analytical Cookies: Analytical cookies allow information about how the user interacts with our web page to be collected, with the aim of analysing the behaviour in an aggregated way and being able to introduce improvements without identifying them. We use Google Analytics cookies called “_utma” y “_utmz”.

– Add-On Cookies: Add-on cookies are used to Exchange social content. We integrate add modules of social content that allow members of social networks to exchange content.


The user has the option to allow, block or delete the installed cookies on its device by configuring the browser options installed on the terminal:

– Chrome

– Explorer

– Safari

– Firefox

If the use of cookies is blocked on the browser, it is possible that some of the services or options on the web page will not be available.

On some browsers specific rules can be configured to manage cookies from the web, offering a more precise privacy control. This means that cookies can be disabled from all other non-trustworthy sites.