About Us

Rielec offers its clients the full range of its experience in the design and development of industrial solutions in the field of automation. If an existing process needs updating, whether the process itself needs to be modified or because the technology used is now obsolete, then we at your disposal to collaborate and carry out the necessary changes according to your needs.

We always work with the best brands available on the market and we have a highly qualified engineering team to study the processes to be automated and suggest the solution best suited to your needs, offering professional support and advice at all times.

Luis Rius


Noelia Rius


Pedro Lopez

Head of Engineering

Victor Pinter

Technical Department

Rielec designs, assembles and installs various types of electrical panels, electrical boards as well as switchboards, from the simplest to the most complex. We also make control panels, synoptic automations, pneumatic boards and switch boards, always using top quality materials to ensure optimum, long lasting results. We have a highly specialized and experienced team. Our team offers two types of maintenance – corrective and preventative- to ensure the installations operate correctly. Preventative maintenance includes testing and/or replacement of the most critical points before any damage is done, ensuring that the machinery, equipment or production line continue to perform as optimally as possible.
To pre-empt defective devices, checks and diagnostic tests are carried out, establishing a performance plan according to the number of hours worked, the current state of the process, instantaneous values, deviation or process drift, history of cumulative change, alarm generation and MMI (Man Machine Interface).